Cloud Cost Optimization is on every enterprise’s radar.
CreedPro helps you plan future and optimize expenses

Performance Analysis of your existing cloud instances to identify what is underutilized. It is very common for IT engineers to over provision cloud resources which is burning real budget money. Software can only do so much. It takes people with technical and product understanding to dive deep into optimizing cloud expenses.

Cloud Cost Price Modeling to compare your current TCO to comparable services with AWS, Azure, Google or a data center provider. This provides a great cost benefit analysis with ROI and is a great tool to quantify IT budget and strategy.

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling to show you how much your current on premise infrastructure or data center provider is costing you down to the virtual instance level.

Price Benchmarking so you can negotiate the best rate.

Communications Consulting – You need communications services to get to your cloud/data center. CreedPro takes a holistic approach to auditing and managing cloud services by also looking at Voice, Data and Mobility services and expenses.

Cloud Expense Management – CreedPro can watch your cloud expenses, changes and audit resources to ensure you are spending your IT budget wisely.

The primary drivers for cloud expense control issues are

Price Changes – Cloud services is a very competitive and fast paced market. Vendors constantly make price and product changes that are difficult for organizations to keep track of to maintain a healthy level of cost optimization.

Resource Sizing – On-premise and cloud infrastructures are completely different animals when it comes to resource and performance allocation. It is very common for engineers to oversize resources because they think they are similar.

Ungoverned Deployments – The on-demand nature of public cloud services allows any employee to use a credit card to add ungoverned technology services whenever they so choose. These expenses and services can ride under the radar as shadow IT leading to governance and security issues.