The 4 Squares of IT Management

Every business operates its technology in 4 core areas. Each relies on the other from a management and operations perspective. CreedPro’s team of experts come along side your business with a holistic approach to fill gaps, solve problems, control costs and plan for the future.

Technology Advisors

Business leaders spend most of their day supporting and growing their business. This means important cost control details and strategic planning do not get the attention they require. CreedPro business advisors take a strategic and vendor agnostic approach to reducing operating costs and solving business problems. We bridge the gap between the business and technology when and where needed.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services have changed dramatically in the world of Software as as Service (SAAS). Every public/private cloud provider (AWS, Google, Azure, Data Center etc.) will give you a reason on why you should choose their solution over others. CreedPro takes a vendor agnostic approach in the life-cyle of your infrastructure. Our technical experts work with you to determine whether on-premise, data center, public cloud, hybrid or hyper-converged is appropriate based on application workload, use case, support, management and overall cost.

Workspace Services

Every business has basic needs to support their business technology, users and customers. From time to time everyone needs assistance with things like trouble-shooting, repairing and replacing computers, installing software security updates, virus protection, internet access, upgrading software, applications and file access, installing and moving equipment and answering general how-to questions. CreedPro works with organizations to solve the basics of business technology support in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Business Applications

These are common questions the team at CreedPro ask customers every day in the process of helping them build applications solutions and solve problems

What is a common technology pain point? What applicationsĀ  are important to your work and why?
Where are your files stored? Do you work in a regulated industry like healthcare or finance?
Do you have a mobile workforce? Do you regularly share information with outside organizations?

CreedPro transforms business workflows as organizations grow and change with business applications that solve problems and improve collaboration.